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Miter Corners

Little B™ focuses on delicately crafted Paper Products. Our Stationery line consists of: adhesive “Tabs”, “Notes”, and fully adhesive “Labels.” Each of these product lines utilize our innovative, intricate die-cut process that sets us apart from our competition. Also, with our advanced printing process, all of our designs deliver vibrant, multi-color, and realistic art. We proudly offer a variety of evergreen and trend forward design options that are sure to provide something for everyone!

Our Paper Crafts line consists of: Dimensional adhesive “Embellishments” and “Decorative Paper Tape.” Our embellishments are all specially designed using limitless, multiple materials – assuring an authentic, realistic interpretation for each and every icon we offer. Each design is handcrafted using our elite manufacturing process, unique in the industry. Our Decorative Paper Tape also takes advantage of our advanced printing processes, rendering vibrant, multi-color and realistic designs in a variety of widths. Each Tape comes equipped with its own stylish cutter – a unique device only found with Little B.

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